Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Army of Darkness

AoD DVD cover. I wanted it to look like a book, the neckranomican perhaps???? but really, I'd love some feed back or complients, compliments are always welcome. 
tehheheheee. . . .

If your Conan lasts more than 3 hours . . .

inspired from the super bowl commercial promoting Conan O'Brien (sigh). Its as if my roommates took some kind of pill that made their hair awesome. 


A doodle I did trying to be Zach. It turned out kinda cool so I wanted to post it before it got too yucky from graphite smears. 

self portrait

This is me looking like a bad ass, wearing my Coraline 3D-glasses (huzzah geekdom)


Character design Monty

This is Monty, the main character for my story 

Terra Cotta Portrait

This one is done in color pencil. Terra Cotta color pencil . . . The little mushroom looking this  was a quick chraicature of this lady. 

portrait two

This is the first portrait I did that looks good. 

Asian Kid

fat kid that modeled for Mr.Wang

Friday, March 13, 2009

For Nerds, Continued!

Finished line drawing, color to come soon

Big Red, come hither

Another digital drawing, I'm beginning to like them . . . if ever there was a pose that should be nude.